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Support beams available in:
Shelf floor available in:

Provisioning racks

Boltless system ORION PLUS
  These racks permit material to be made ready on time according to a "first in, first out" principle.
A professional solution for a wide range of material provision situations.

Loadings: Shelf loading: 200 kg
Bay loading: up to 1000 kg
Dimensions: Height:       2000 mm
Shelf width: 1300 mm
Depths:        600 und 1200 mm
Ext. dim.: Width: Basic rack + 60 mm
            Add-on rack + 10 mm
Depth:     635 and 1270 mm
Version: Incline of the shelf floor approx. 9°.
Other inclination angles possible by request.
Inclined floor height adjustable at intervals of 25 mm.
Continuous shelf floors and side panels from front to back, therefore no interference in the container's area of movement.
Material provision on time in Kanban racks using the "first in, first out" (FIFO) principle.
Suitable for use with all types of container (Bins for visible storage, KLT, and EURO containers) as well as cartons and other combinations.
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