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“My boss constantly tells me time is money – and he has a point. As a manufacturer of household appliances, we used to store our spare parts in small cartons within shelf systems. Unfortunately, the cartons have been known to shift, hampering efforts to find materials, leading to needless repeat orders for items already in stock – and making the customer wait.
Great efficiency thanks to accelerated access times
Restructuring our spare parts store helped us work more efficiently. Now, the small parts which were re-ordered most frequently are stored in containers on inclined hofe company shelves, which lets us immediately see the spare parts for which we still have plenty of stock and has also slashed the error total at the same time.”

Live storage supply shelving systems - saving time to save money

In distribution:
practical trials whereby shipped items were directly removed from front containers have already proved their worth. This approach helps clearly delineate loading and unloading processes as well as facilitating multi-tasking: e.g. employees can commission items directly from the shelves literally at the same time the goods are placed there in the background. This paves the way for both working processes to operate simultaneously and in perfect harmony.

For production and assembly:
fewer disruptions thanks to ingenious material supply, leveraging constant storage of required parts to eliminate the need to suspend either production or assembly procedures. Plus, this approach also reduces the number of errors caused by incorrect materials.

Optimised process sequences help enhance motivation
Ergonomical work approaches and well organised work sequences are also key to boosting work motivation. They do away with the need for unreasonable paths and accelerate access to the required material at the right time.

Benefiting health: Movable flow shelves
When it comes to providing the required goods, all aspects can be organised right up to the actual workplace. Providing a movable solution is one way to minimise physical fatigue of having to shift items manually, as well as enabling more flexible workplace design and process optimisation by uniting all the relevant aspects.

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